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    In an earlier post (How Guests Select Hotels Around the World – Global Results), we talked about the reasons people all around the world choose a hotel.  Now let’s take a look at how drivers of hotel choice change from one global region to another.

    The Americas

    In The Americas, past experience, loyalty programs and price play a bigger role in customers’ purchase decisions compared to other world regions.  Past experience is reported by 15% of all guests as their primary motivation for brand choice, more than in any other global region.


    Many hotel companies in The Americas are focusing their attention on the guest experience and are innovating new kinds of customer experiences. It’s no longer enough to offer a good product or service, you have to wow the customer in order to win the customer and keep them from trying someone else next time.

    Customer experiences are the best way for a company to connect with their guests in a long-term and deeply personal way.  If customers feel a personal connection to your brand, they’ll seek out your brand and spread the word to others.  Great customer experiences can serve as a hotel’s most effective marketing tool.

    Hotel and casino loyalty programs are more popular in The Americas where 28% of guests are members compared to only 12.1% in Europe and 9.6% in Asia.  It’s not surprising that loyalty programs play a much bigger role when consumers select a hotel in The Americas.

    Hotels in the Americas are taking advantage of the opportunities available with loyalty programs.  With improved benefits and guest-friendly rules, hotel loyalty programs are increasingly becoming one of the primary reasons for selecting a particular hotel.  In fact, hotel guests in the Americas are four times more likely to choose a hotel because of their loyalty program compared to guests in Asia.

    Price also plays a bigger role in The Americas compared to global averages, perhaps due in part to saturated markets and heightened competition in this region. Price is the main consideration for 17% of guests choosing hotels in the Americas and is especially critical for economy guests and business travelers.  Women care slightly less about price when choosing a hotel, but give more weight to promotions and loyalty program points compared to men.  As expected, price matters most for guests with lower incomes, especially those who earn below US$45,000 and for younger guests, especially ages 26-30.

    Recommendations for hoteliers in The Americas: Getting more customers to select your hotel in The Americas requires greater focus on the customer experience (especially to the customer segments described above), promoting loyalty programs and their benefits when available, and emphasizing greater value, especially to price sensitive and value conscious customers.

Dr. Jonathan Barsky is Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Market Metrix, as well as a professor of marketing at University of San Francisco’s School of Business and Management.

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